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Safe city wireless monitoring system

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Safe city wireless monitoring system 1.System composition:Urban headquarters set up a management command center, can manage all monitoring points, with the highest management authority,At the same time, the old city, the development zone to set up a two level management center, the area can be monitored at all monitoring points.Each monitoring point, the scene of the real-time upload management center.The first level management command center, the two level management monitoring center and the monitoring points are transmitted through broadband connection.Set up the platform of remote monitoring and control system, and realize the centralized management and control of the front-end equipment and background monitoring.Video monitoring system using digital video technology, computer communication technology, network technology and other related equipment, through real-time monitoring, recording and query, network transmission, hierarchical control, unauthorized access, resource sharing to achieve real-time monitoring of the monitoring area, location, and important objectives.In the first command center, there is a video management server platform, the central server, media server, TV wall,the second level management center sets up video management platform, media server.  2.System functions According to safety urban visual protection area, we recommend to use wireless video server (TD dual card),fore-end use outdoor frared simulation camera,Capture the scene screen, and compression upload center. Network access uses mobile 3G access;Storage uses terminal storage and central storage; Monitoring center platform built in the headquarters of the Municipal Police Bureau, responsible for all terminal data processing.  1)real-time remote monitoring 2) real-time image processing. 3)user level management. 4)History query 5)Local video surveillance. 6)TV wall control, through the background video decoder, video images can be reduced to analog images, through the TV wall large screen display 3.Video monitoring platform introuduction 1)Introduction Kaer electric security video surveillance system, is based on wired and wireless broadband wireless internet access integrated network video surveillance system.  2)Through the system and the terminal equipment, the invention can realize the wired or wireless video transmission of the video image,