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2016 Summary of recognition and the grand opening of the 2017 Spring Festival

Shandong Kaer Electric Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-04-25Author:LocationSource:Location

January 20th, Carle 2016 summary of recognition and the 2017 Spring Festival gala was solemnly held. Summary of the meeting was chaired by deputy general manager Niu Yuanjie.General manager Pan Dawei,made comprehensive summary of the work in 2016 ,and the deployment of the work in 2017.He reviewed the overall work in 2016, pointed out multiple adverse factors such as the face of international and domestic economic situation , etc.Under the strong leadership of the board of directors, the Carle staff actively carry out technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, the introduction of talent, capital operation and other measures in the development of new products reserve, overseas market development, production line upgrading and organization adjustment, visit the capital market has made a new breakthrough, achieved good results.At the same time, we also face the problems and shortcomings of the company and the relevant departments, and put forward specific requirements for the next step of improvement and Countermeasures. And then the kaer self-conductanceSpring Festival Gala began in a cheerful atmosphere. The party brought together songs, dance, comic dialogue, martial arts and other programs, diverse forms, colorful, to bring a new year's blessing!                                                                                         Hosts brilliant apperance